We are an animal health agency…

For half a century, Huggies has been a category leader and babycare icon, familiar in cultures around the world. But, somewhere along the way, it had become less meaningful to modern parents, making it vulnerable to global rivals and new startups.

Our global approach.

We needed to define a brand purpose that could unify how Huggies’ shows up around the world for a new generation of parents. Shifting family dynamics, a flood of conflicting advice from the Internet and social media, and a category full of overly perfect babyhood tropes leave today’s parents questioning their instincts.

V.Dixit is a digital club based on a continuous sharing of experiences between veterinarians from all over the world. V. Dixit has the goal to help vets keep up with the continuous evolutions of veterinary medicine.

“Vets are confident in vets, as they finish vet school feeling part of a community that shares the same vision and passion. That’s why V-Dixit expresses the idea of a club, “from vets to vets.”

“The branding is based on a playful visual territory that reflects the school’s ethos of linking enjoyment to achievement.”