Marketing support for Vetoquinol’s antiparasitic product portfolio

April 9, 2024

Kongo International

Creating tools to empower French sales reps with comprehensive resources for more impactful dialogues about Vetoquinol’s antiparasitic range (Felpreva, Drontal, Dronstop, Profender, Procox…).

Fresh identity-driven design: crafting Vetoquinol’s distinctive presence

Our journey with Vetoquinol began with a commitment to crafting a design that stands out in the competitive veterinary market. Right from the start, the marketing support for Vetoquinol’s antiparasitic portfolio had to be more than just visuals; rather, it’s a visual reflection that strikes at the core of the brand’s values and commitment to animal health. Our fresh and identity-driven design not only captures people’s attention but also communicates Vetoquinol’s dedication to innovation in the antiparasitic space.

A blueprint for cohesive brand architecture: making the message clear

Building cohesive brand architecture is crucial in presenting a unified front to both sales representatives and veterinarians alike. At Kongo, we collaborated closely with Vetoquinol to develop brand architecture that seamlessly integrates key elements across their antiparasitic portfolio. This approach ensures clarity and consistency, making it easier for sales teams to drive home the value proposition to veterinarians.

Spotlighting structure: Vetoquinol’s standout product lineup

A winning product portfolio demands strategic structuring to spotlight key brands and their standout features. Together, with Vetoquinol closely at hand, we meticulously showcase each product’s strengths within the portfolio, ensuring they shine bright in the competitive market. With strategic placement and a dash of creativity, our approach not only captivates vets but seals the deal with compelling narratives for the sales presentations.

Success speaks volumes: vets and reps agree

The proof is in the pudding and the success of our support system is evident in the rave reviews from Vetoquinol’s sales team. Our tools have empowered sales reps with dynamic visuals and comprehensive resources that boost confidence, making sales pitches irresistibly compelling, and open the door to more impactful dialogues that forge resilient alliances.

Equally important too is the positive reception from veterinarians themselves who have welcomed the structured and informative approach. The streamlined communication facilitated by our support system allows veterinarians to make informed decisions about incorporating Vetoquinol’s antiparasitic products into their practice.

Headlong into tomorrow: a vision for revolutionizing veterinary care

As we continue to make waves in the animal health industry, Kongo is more thrilled than ever to be at the forefront of revolutionizing veterinary care through our collaboration with Vetoquinol. The introduction of our marketing support system for the antiparasitic portfolio is a testament to the power of strategic design and cohesive brand architecture. Our commitment steadfastly remains:  empower sales teams and veterinarians alike with the tools they need for a healthier and more resilient pet population.

Stay tuned for further updates as we redefine the standards in veterinary marketing support.

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