Scientific storytelling for Montanide ISA 206 VG

May 2, 2024

Kongo International

Scientific storytelling for Montanide ISA 206 VG, the Bovigen Scour vaccine’s adjuvant. Collaboration and workshop with a KOL to produce pedagogical contents (long video, short video, print materials) about the benefits of this adjuvant to boost passive immunity from cow to calf.

Scientific storytelling for Montanide ISA 206 VG

Virbac and Kongo Animal Health join forces to introduce Montanide to the French market. Montanide ISA 206 VG is a vaccine adjuvant—a helper—used in vaccine formulations to enhance and modulate the animal’s immune response, particularly crucial when antigens alone prove insufficient.

Montanide’s Role at the Core of the Cure

As a water-in-oil emulsion, Montanide consists of water droplets dispersed in an oil phase. This emulsion is designed to stimulate a strong and durable immune response by presenting the antigen in a manner mimicking the presence of pathogens in the body, thereby activating a more robust immune reaction.

A key component to the Bovigen Scour vaccine, Montanide ISA 206 VG is tailored to shield vulnerable calves from the scourge of Neonatal Calf Diarrhea (NCD).  NCD is a prevalent gastrointestinal ailment affecting newborn calves, characterized by frequent watery stools and dehydration. This condition poses a significant threat to calf health and growth, often leading to economic losses for farmers.


Bridging the Gap Between Science and Understanding



In this campaign, Kongo spearheaded efforts to demystify the somewhat abstruse and technical product for the broader market, initially targeting France and then extending its reach across all of Europe.  What sets this campaign apart is Kongo Design’s approach to scientific storytelling. Through captivating animation and expert narration, we aimed to carefully spell out the complex science behind vaccine adjuvants, making it accessible and engaging for audiences of all backgrounds.  To realize this effectively involved a complete production suite, encompassing storytelling, scriptwriting, art direction, storyboarding, animation, voice-over, and collaboration with a KOL veterinarian in the French market. The whole collaboration has been led through constructive workshops managed by Kongo people.

From Technical to Tangible: The Impact of Informative Entertainment



The results have been resoundingly positive. Clients have praised Kongo’s pedagogical approach—the clarity and accessibility of the campaign content, commending Kongo’s ability to translate highly technical information into easily understandable concepts. By starting with a dive into technical intricacies and gradually unraveling complex topics, Kongo has succeeded in making the campaign engaging and informative. Additionally, the three-minute-long video format captivated viewers, proving that educational content can be both enlightening and entertaining.

The widespread demand for adaptation of the campaign video beyond the French market underscores Kongo Design’s prowess in crafting engaging and effective marketing materials. This resonates with our commitment to producing supports that are not only visually appealing but also highly impactful. It reaffirms our dedication to creating content that resonates with audiences globally, driving home the message that quality and creativity know no borders.

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