Tackling Mastitis with Mastatest

January 12, 2024

Kongo International

Global communication campaign for Mastatest, Vetoquinol’s innovation in mastitis diagnosis and treatment. Campaign deployed accross different touch points: print advertising, trade show booth, press releases, brochures, etc.).

Presentation of the advert for Mastatest campaign

Tackling Mastitis with Mastatest

In the uncertain, ever-evolving arena of global animal health and pathogen spread, our dedicated marketing squad supported Vetoquinol in rolling out Mastatest—a game-changer for tackling Mastitis in our beloved bovines.

Mastatest’s goal? Equip farmers and vets with simple, lightning-speed solutions for pinpointing pathogens in milk samples, thereby enhancing the treatment of Mastitis in cows. A precision mission against pathogens: the Mastatest system comprises a lapbox that scans milk samples, providing immediate results and allowing veterinarians to make informed decisions within 24 hours.

A campaign to navigate skepticism and Win Farmers’ Trust

Campaign challenges abound—the ubiquity of apprehension towards change in the field and the side-eyeing of innovation were not insubstantial obstacles to overcome.  To assuage skepticism, the campaign zeroed in on ways to placate farmers’ fears by emphasizing the simplicity and efficacy of Mastatest along with its ability to enhance the quality of life for those in the agricultural sphere. This approach proved pivotal in winning the hearts and trust of the end-users.

Not your typical tech-show—the Mastatest campaign was not about bombarding the audience with space-age tech jargon and dazzling lights, not at all. Rather, our strategy revolved around slipping Mastatest into the daily life of the farmer, seamlessly and effortlessly. The branding, inspired by the simplicity of toys, depicts the lapbox as child’s play: a straightforward yet powerful tool that fits readily into the farming routine. 

The branding, inspired by the simplicity of toys, depicts the lapbox as child’s play: a straightforward yet powerful tool that fits readily into the farming routine. 

From local campaign to Global Triumph

Unveiled first for the French market, the Mastatest campaign soared past expectations such to prompt the decision to adapt it globally.  The success metrics showcase not only the campaign’s impact in France but also its seamless integration into diverse international markets. This adaptability underscores the versatility and effectiveness of our campaign strategy on a global scale.

The Farmer-Centric Approach

The secret sauce to Mastatest’s successful campaign was the hands-on approach taken by the marketing team. By getting out on the ground, conducting field research and continuously cultivating our close ties with the farmers, our agency, in partnership with Vetoquinol, established a deep understanding of the end-users’ needs and concerns. This empowered us to tailor a campaign that would precisely address specific farmer apprehensions.  

A Revolutionary Leap in Dairy Farming

Mastatest thus became not just a product; it’s a high-five to dairy farmers, a leap forward in herd health, a revolutionary stride towards improving the dairy farming sphere.  The success of the campaign, now adapted globally, lies not only in its technical prowess but in its ability to connect with farmers on a personal level, providing a solution that is both innovative and farmer-friendly.

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