Setting flight with “Let’s Speak Poultry” global forums

January 12, 2024

Kongo International

Branding for Boehringer Ingelheim’s welcoming environment for meaningful discussions, collaboration, and the exchange of expertise.

Paving the future for fowl

In the evermore interconnected global poultry industry, Boehringer Ingelheim’s Avian Division strides forward boldly with “Let’s Speak Poultry” a series of international forum events designed to provide comprehensive support systems for poultry producers worldwide. This venture serves as a pivotal platform for fostering collaborative engagement and addressing multifaceted challenges in poultry production.

Strategic synergy: unveiling Let’s Speak Poultry’s inviting verbal and visual identity

Working lockstep with Boehringer Ingelheim poultry GSAM division, our creative agency conceptualized a branding strategy that seamlessly intertwines warmth and collaboration aiming to nurture a welcoming environment for meaningful discussion, partnership, and the exchange of expertise. The verbal identity strikes sharply at the very essence of the service, while the visual identity vividly communicates the inviting and collaborative atmosphere that characterize these forums. 

Beyond the verbal and visual: integrated materials

Our creative journey’s next step was to take on the task of developing a spectrum of forum-friendly material supports, each designed to seamlessly integrate into the fabric of the forum programme. These include:

User-Friendly agenda design

A visually appealing and user-friendly agenda that serves as a guide through the diverse discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities offered by the forums specially tailored for poultry producers and vaccine manufacturers.

Captivating promos: striking the soul of ‘Let’s Speak Poultry‘ through evocative video

A promotional video that entices and engages not only by introducing the initiative but also by conferring the core message of warmth, collaboration, and expertise that lie at the heart of the “Let’s Speak Poultry” events.

Signage and banners to set the tone

Welcoming, warm, and strategically positioned striking banners and signage to guide participants and create an immersive environment aligned with the convivial theme of the forums; it’s about making the user feel right at home.

Marketing collateral: excellence in hand

Diverse marketing materials, from brochures to handouts and slide decks, deliver essential information about Boehringer Ingelheim Poultry Division services, crafted to provide a tangible takeaway for attendees.

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