Rebranding for Boehringer Ingelheim’s VTS

March 7, 2024

Kongo International

Rebranding of Boehringer Ingelheim’s veterinary technical services (VTS) to position the division as a key industry leader, strutting its stuff as the highest standard in poultry vaccine technology.

Boehringer Ingelheim’s VTS division and Kongo make a collaborative leap

Hailing from the home of Le Coq Gaulois and extending its wings across 60+ countries, VTS teamed up with Kongo in an initiative to rebrand and re-feather its image for the industry of poultry vaccination. This transformation has not only encompassed a revitalized visual identity but also a reimagined verbal identity which ultimately hatched a series of “Let’s Speak Poultry” events headed by the poultry GSAM team. Through collaborative workshops and insights from our poultry consultants, we crafted a brand that focuses on the well-being of both birds and operators.

Reinvigorating the verbal landscape: creating a message that clucks

To kick off the rebranding process, we sought a way to refine the language of VTS’s verbal identity. Hosting workshops and collaborative discussion forums between key stakeholders and our poultry consultants allowed us to lay out precise language that would reflect VTS’s commitment to excellence.

Visual evolution: more than just a facelift

Our design team then took center stage to cook up a visual-identity style upgrade that would confidently mirror VTS’s commitment to raising standards in poultry vaccine technology. The revitalized logo, color palette, and imagery communicate modernity, progress and innovation. The result is a visually striking brand that stands out, representing the importance of VTS’s position in the poultry industry. It’s not about flashy feathers; it’s about being a trusted presence in the poultry coop.

The operators and their feathery sidekicks

VTS’s commitment to caring for both operators and birds is evident in the careful consideration given to ergonomic design. Our rebranding strategy emphasizes user-friendly interfaces and innovative devices that not only enhance operational efficiency for poultry operators but also contribute to the well-being of the birds. This thoughtful approach sets VTS apart as a brand that prioritizes the holistic welfare of the entire ecosystem.

A trusted player in poultry

Through this rebranding effort, VTS positions itself as a key industry leader, strutting its stuff as the highest standard in poultry vaccine technology. The brand now communicates a clear message – operators can elevate their practices by choosing VTS, enabling them to soar to even higher heights where cutting-edge technology meets a genuine commitment to the welfare of both operators and birds. This narrative resonates with customers, instilling confidence in the brand’s reliability and capacity to drive positive improvement in the poultry industry.

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