Vetoquinol’s innovative campaign to endorse nurses

April 3, 2024

Kongo International

A campaign to equip nurses, technicians and assistants with the information they need to address any customer inquiry about cat and dog health. A serie of pocket-size cards organized in three main categories: Dermatology (Phovia), Mobility (Flexadin Advanced) and Behavior (Zylkène). 

Pioneering enhanced Pet Care

Often overlooked-–those unsung heroes of the veterinary clinic-–dedicated vet technicians and animal nurses are now at the forefront of Kongo’s new and upcoming ASV campaign which is designed to empower and support these specialists and the tremendous work they do.   

At the frontline for our furry friends: the essential role of veterinary nurses in animal care

Anyone who’s worked in a bustling vet clinic knows-–nurses and technicians constitute the bedrock and backbone of animal care.  They offer crucial clinical assistance to veterinarians and are also often the first point of contact for customers, fielding questions about pet health, treatment plans, and wellness advice.

Equipping animal caregivers with tailored tools for superior pet health

Kongo’s ASV campaign (Auxillaire Spécialisée Vétérinaire) is centered around recognizing and addressing the unique challenges faced by veterinary technicians and nurses, ultimately enhancing their ability to provide exceptional care.   Through specialized tools and resources, we aim to equip these frontline caregivers with the information they need, ensuring they feel confident, informed, and ready to address any customer inquiry about cat and dog health.

An ecosystem of support & ready resources for confidence in pet care

Today, ready access to the right tools and information is the linchpin.  That’s why our campaign aims to provide a suite of specialized resources designed to streamline information retrieval, offering instant access to comprehensive data-–not only aiding quick decision-making but also fostering an ecosystem of support, reducing the potential sense of isolation nurses may feel in high-pressure situations.

A community-centric approach that opens a space where technicians and nurses can access interactive platforms, forums, and webinars to share experiences, seek advice, and collaborate with peers.  This ensures that no nurse feels alone in facing the challenges posed by demanding customers or complex health inquiries.

Cat-apulting forward: ASV campaign to propel veterinary nurses into the future

Embarking on a mission to transform the veterinary care landscape, Kongo is dedicated to empowering nurses and revolutionizing their vital roles. Our ultimate goal? Elevating the entire veterinary care experience by ensuring every clinic team member is armed with knowledge, support, and a sense of purpose. Stay tuned as we unveil groundbreaking tools and resources, reshaping how nurses approach their crucial responsibilities in the care of our beloved pets.


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