Starting Block: a powerhouse for poultry production

April 4, 2024

Kongo International

Global campaign and brand identity to promote the association of a blockbuster combo of two Boehringer Ingelheim’s star poultry vaccines: VAXXITEK HVT+IBD and GALLIMUNE H9+ND.

Introducing Starting Block

Throughout the global landscape of poultry production, the sheer range and number of threats producers face can be downright overwhelming. From the dreaded Avian Influenza to the relentless Newcastle Disease, poultry farmers face an array of challenges that demand innovative solutions. And, while this is true in Western markets, it’s all the more true in META and ROV markets. 

Starting Block races to the forefront of poultry pathogen prevention

Enter Starting Block, the dynamic vaccination duo created by Boehringer Ingelheim to offer one easy solution, combining Vaxxitek HVT+IBD  and Gallimune H9+ND. This multi-purpose bundle provides protection against the four most pernicious diseases in poultry production: Avian Influenza, Newcastle Disease, Infectious Bursal Disease, and Marek’s Disease. With Starting Block, poultry farmers can now fortify their flocks against these formidable foes with just one offering, making it an incredible, easy solution in the fight for prosperous poultry production, wherever you are in the world.

A blockbuster combo: leading the flock with Starting Block

With Kongo Design at their side, Boehringer Ingelheim is equipped to realize the vision of this single offering. Placing an eye on the META and ROV markets in particular, the goal of the Starting Block global campaign is clear: to showcase the unparalleled benefits of this vaccine combination and solidify its position as the premier of the industry. Through meticulous planning and strategic execution, Kongo Design and Boehringer Ingelheim amply demonstrate that when used in combination as Starting Block, these products guarantee higher clinical signs reduction, better performance levels, and overall improved flock health.

Starting Strong: unveiling Kongo Design’s campaign

To bring this vision to life, Kongo Design executed and devised a campaign involving the creation of a new name and brand identity that seamlessly associates the two products, Vaxxitek HVT+IBD (trivalent) and Gallimune H9+ND (H9), under the unified banner of Starting Block. This unique brand not only distinguishes the product in the market but also leaves a lasting impact on customers, reinforcing its importance and effectiveness.

Building Blocks to success: inside Kongo’s Starting Block strategy

From captivating advertisements to informative brochures and technical slide decks, every aspect of the campaign was meticulously crafted to engage and inspire. The creation of a new graphical style, identity, and logo ensured a cohesive and compelling visual representation across all campaign materials. With banners boldly proclaiming the power of Starting Block and technical slide decks providing comprehensive information, the campaign leaves no stone unturned in its quest to protect market share and empower poultry producers worldwide.

Flying high: Starting Block soars to a brighter solution

In the ever-expanding, and often unpredictable sector of poultry production, Starting Block stands as a simple, practicable powerhouse for producers in up-and-coming markets. Kongo Design is honored to work together with Boehringer Ingelheim so that poultry farmers everywhere can rest assured that their flocks are fortified against the most formidable threats, ready to thrive and flourish in the face of adversity.



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