Nemovac’s campaign to combat Metapneumovirus

April 3, 2024

Kongo International

New global campaign for Nemovac, Boehringer Ingelheim live vaccine to protect broilers, breeders and layers against avian Metapneumovirus.

Guardians of the Flock

Swollen Head Syndrome is a highly contagious viral respiratory disease that particularly affects chickens and poses a significant challenge for poultry farmers. Caused by the Avian Metapneumovirus (aMPV), this insidious disease spreads rapidly through flocks, wreaking havoc on respiratory systems and egg production. With Swollen Head Syndrome’s alarming rate of spread, poultry farmers face a constant battle to protect their flocks from this pervasive threat.  Nemovac stands as a stalwart defense against aMPV and the debilitating condition it causes in our birds.   

Spreading our wings: a global push for Nemovac

Armed with a shared dedication to poultry health and to position itself as a pivotal player in combating Metapneumovirus, in 2022 Boehringer Ingelheim entrusted Kongo Design with the task of updating the previous global campaign. This campaign aimed not only to refocus attention on the threat of Metapneumovirus but also to elevate Nemovac as the foremost guardian against this insidious disease. With Kongo Design’s expertise and creative vision, Nemovac embarked on a journey to empower poultry farmers worldwide in the battle against Metapneumovirus, ensuring the health and resilience of poultry flocks everywhere.

Winning hearts and hatcheries: returning to roost

The Nemovac marketing campaign took on a two-tiered approach. With a dual objective of boosting sales in the chicken breeder and egg layer segments and reclaiming market share from competitors, the task was clear: make Nemovac the MVP against aMPV. From wooing back previous customers to highlighting the importance of Metapneumovirus vaccination, every aspect of the campaign was geared towards making Nemovac a trusted ally in poultry health.

Meanwhile in the broilers segment, where Metapneumovirus often lurks unseen, masquerading behind the veil of false security, its subtle symptoms in the early stages can deceive producers into overlooking its potential impact on flock health. Coupled with a lack of targeted education on vaccination, broiler farmers may unknowingly leave their flocks vulnerable. That’s why our campaign led a mission to shed light on the silent threat of Metapneumovirus and showcase Nemovac as the shield of protection for poultry health.

Suiting up the sales force: a canvas of creation

From conceptualization to execution, Kongo Design brought Nemovac’s story to life with a distinct logo and graphic style that seamlessly integrated with Boehringer Ingelheim’s brand identity. Having developed a range of marketing materials to support the Nemovac campaign, from compelling advertisements to informative brochures, dynamic animated E-brochures, and technical sheets, each piece of content was designed to educate, empower, and equip sales teams with the resources they needed to make Nemovac the go-to choice for chicken health.

Future paths in poultry health: counting the chickens hatched

With each stride forward, the Nemovac campaign illuminates a path toward a brighter future for our feathered friends.  It’s clear that the future fight against Swollen Head Syndrome is in good hands. By understanding the risks and implementing proper biosecurity practices, farmers can protect their poultry from the impact of this disease and ensure the health and productivity of their flocks.  Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Kongo Design and Boehringer Ingelheim, Nemovac is the leader in this space—a trusty companion for poultry farmers around the globe. 



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