Winning Bigger with Gallimune H9+ND

April 3, 2024

Kongo International

Middle East / Northern Africa campaign to launch Gallimune H9+ND, Boehringer Ingelheim’s vaccine against avian influenza H9 and Newcastle Disease.

Winning Bigger with Gallimune H9+ND on the global stage

Gallimune H9+ND–a star of poultry health–with its powerhouse formula, this top-selling vaccine is rewriting the rules for the industry. Not only does it curb viral spread, but it also boosts weight gain, setting the stage for healthier, thriving flocks. 

Gallimune’s flight to fame: a strategic leap in the poultry market

Teaming up together, Boehringer Ingelheim and Kongo Animal Health have shared a single vision: to increase leadership in avian influenza vaccines and set new standards for poultry health. With Kongo Design leading the charge in marketing strategy, the goal is clear – to position Gallimune H9+ND as the go-to solution for poultry health challenges.

Breaking barriers: Kongo’s universal language for Gallimune H9+ND

By crafting a new graphic style and identity in line with the vaccine’s unique attributes, Kongo ensures that Gallimune H9+ND stands out in a crowded market.  From campaign positioning to concept creation, they’ve lent their expertise to conceive a brand identity that immediately speaks to poultry producers regardless of what continent they’re from or what language they speak.  Universal messaging that allows the benefits of the product to instantly shine through.  Harnessing the potency of visual communication, Kongo crafted the campaign to transcend language barriers for multinational clients to convey the complex benefits of Gallimune H9+ND with utmost simplicity and clarity.

Hitting the drawing board: a multi-dimensional approach

Kongo’s creative team then went on to develop a suite of tools to engage and educate audiences about Gallimune H9+ND. From brochures to technical slide decks to captivating 3D animated movies, every piece of content is meticulously designed to convey the identity and values of the Gallimune brand together with the unique benefits to producers offered by this vaccine.

One of the standout features of Kongo’s marketing approach is the creation of a set of icons, strategically crafted to simplify complex technical information and engage audiences on all levels. These icons serve as visual cues, guiding audiences through the technical content with ease and clarity.

Wings of change: galvanizing Gallimune

When all has been said and done, ultimately this collaboration is not just about marketing a product – it’s about the health of our animals and poultry producers, it’s about increasing capacity while improving well-being.  Healthier birds, healthier lifestyles, healthier profits.  With Gallimune H9+ND at the forefront and Kongo’s innovative marketing strategy driving the narrative, the future of poultry health has never looked brighter, both for birds and producers.


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